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InnoS electrical control system
Product introduction


InnoS electrical control system is a new generation bottle making control system developed through the great efforts made by our researchers based on their experiences accumulated for years in the bottle making industry and constant technological improvement. This system is researched and developed independently by our company with proprietary intellectual property rights.   The system features stable performance and world-leading technologies, and has been used as mainstream electrical configuration system in the glass bottle making enterprises for years.

Its main features:

I. Stable performance: Since being used in the glass bottle making industry, no system failure in terms of design has occurred.

II. Complete functions: A complete solution from material delivery, bottle making and transportation to removal could be provided.

III. Module structure facilitating repair and maintenance: Module designing concept is used for the system to divide it into several components such as machine control, section control and material supply control. The advantage is that the system could work more stably and the maintenance is more convenient since the client only needs to replace failed modules, significantly improving the maintenance and repair efficiency.

IV. Timely and effective technical supports: This system is independently developed by our company with the original designing concept of making a people-oriented adaptive control system with high cost-efficiency for bottle-making enterprises. Given the independent design, our technical supports are more effective, and we can make different control plans in a better way according to the process requirements of our clients.

V. The people-oriented control interface could improve the user experience. According to the actual conditions of the operators in the bottle-making enterprises in China, the designing concept focusing on guidance and simplicity has been used to display parameter settings, failure feedbacks and connection commissioning to the operators directly to enable them understand the operation system as soon as possible and facilitate the maintenance of the system.

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