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AIS Machine
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AIS pneumatic machines

AIS 4  1/4'' TG  6  1/4''  DG

The AIS machine is recognized by the industry as the superior performer among pneumatically driven glass container forming machines. A combination of valued features, including parallel Mold Open and Close (MOC) mechanism, pneumatic operation, high efficiency VertiFlow cooling, and built-in flexibility, make the AIS machine top of its class.

The latest AIS generation is built to give glassmakers even more, with many new features designed to deliver enhanced performance, better production, and reduced maintenance on the forming line.


AIS Machine

      -      Flex Line Control System

      -      Integrated Drive System

      -      26# EPVB

      -      Servo Distributor

      -      Individual Wind Cooling Section

      -      Blow Mold Vertiflow Cooling from Bottom

      -      Constant Cushion Invert Mechanism

      -      Conveyor with Silent Chain

      -      High/Low Deadplate Cooling

      -      Automatic Lubrication System

-          Full Parallel Blank and Blow mold opening

-          VertFlow Blank mold cooling with Individual cavity control


Delivery system

-          Servo gob distributor, interceptor and center reject position

-          Constant cone delivery system

-          Trough and deflector suspension system

-          Scoops, troughs, and deflectors

-          Scoop spray system

-          Valve block on beam for retract cylinder, air ride and scoop spray

-          InvertFlow Blank mold cooling with Individual cavity control


Machine structure options

     -      535 Servo gob distributor

     -      Servo Electric Invert Mechanism

     -      Quick Change Accessories

     -      PPC formed punch control system

     -      FPS valves for final blow

     -      Stainless steel pipeline


The parallel opening and closing

-          Improved stiffness, mold guiding and closing

-          Reduced seams

-          Improved lubrication , increased mechanism life

-          Avoiding hinge pin go forward


VertiFlow assist

-          Addition to the efficient VertiFlow cooling

-          Higher cooling efficiency 360°resulting in higher speed

-          Extra cooling on specific critical areas

-          Independent control through left and right on/off control

-          Up to 20% higher cooling capacity

-          Upgrade on existing AIS machines possible


VertiFlow Through The Bed

-          High cooling capacity

-          Individual cooling air pressure for blank and blow mold cooling is possible

-          Simple, maintenance friendly design

-          Less mold surface temperature variation

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