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IS Machine
Product introduction


Ware Range


Utility requirements


IS pneumatic machines 

Pneumatic IS machines offering total configuration flexibility

IS  4 1/4” SG  4 1/4” DG  3” TG

IS  5” SG  5” DG  85mm TG  64mm QG

IS  5 1/2” SG  5 1/2” DG

IS Machine

-Flex Line Control System

-Integrated Drive System

-26# EPVB

-Servo Distributor

-Individual Wind Cooling Section

-Blow Mold Vertiflow Cooling from Bottom

-Constant Cushion Invert Mechanism

-Conveyor with Silent Chain

-High/Low Deadplate Cooling

-Automatic Lubrication System

Delivery system

-Servo gob distributor, interceptor and center reject position

-Constant cone delivery system

-Trough and deflector suspension system

-Scoops, troughs, and deflectors

-Scoop spray system

-Valve block on beam for retract cylinder, air ride and scoop spray

Machine structure options

-535 Servo gob distributor

-Servo Electric Invert Mechanism

-Quick Change Accessories

-PPC formed punch control system

-FPS valves for final blow

-Stainless steel pipeline

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