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Annealing furnace
Product introduction

To improve product performance and meet the needs of clients both at home and abroad, our company has developed high-end annealing furnaces. In addition other the characteristics

Mechanical structure:

1. Longer service life: the structure is designed scientifically and the materials are subject to optimized selection.

2. Lower energy consumption: high aluminum fiber cotton is used as the heat insulation material.

3. Higher transmission stability: hot installation is used for rollers and R-series inclined gear reducer is used for belt drive.

4. Automatic temperature control for each zone: more reasonable and accurate temperature curves could be provided.

5. The operation and maintenance procedures are more human-oriented.

Electrical control:

1. The industrial PLC controllers are used, which are more stable than ordinary instruments.

2. Upper computer is used for monitoring, facilitating the adjustment, maintenance, and product quality analysis.

3. The system has excellent expansion capacity, and group control could be realized with one-oven to multi-machines.

4. Alarms for over-temperature, belt suspension and circulation fan failure are added to improve the monitoring and protection performance.

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