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Welfares and Benefits

I. Payroll

The remuneration system composed of post salary + annual achievement payment  + performance payment is used.


II. Social security

Our company would make social security contributions and housing funds for our employees according to the national regulations on the monthly basis.


III. Labor protection

1. Our company will organize free physical examinations for our employees and their spouses and special physical examinations for women employees every year.

2. According to the regulations of the national government and related departments, our company will organize additional physical examinations for employees exposed to toxic or hazardous materials and provide subsidies to them.

3. The qualified employees at special posts may apply for early retirement to the labor and social security bureau for approval to retire ahead of schedule by 5 year.

4. Our company would issue labor protection Articles on the monthly basis and distribute high-temperature subsidies to our employees in summer according to national regulations.

5. There is a medical office in our company.

IV. Education and training

1. Consultation company will be employed to train our management personnel.

2. Practical and theoretical trainings will be organized for our employees at different levels in a planned way.

3. Our employees are encouraged to take part in reeducation programs at work.

4. Our company would work with colleges and universities to hold senior technician training classes.

5. Skill competitions would be conducted for our employees.


V. Employee benefits

1. Establish mutual aid foundation for employees and their immediate families.

2. Distribute traffic subsidies on the monthly basis.

3. Build dining hall to provide free working launches to employees.

4. Distribute festival supplies every year.

5. Distribute heating subsidies every year.

VI. Cultural and sports activities

1. Organize the employees to take part in various cultural and sports activities, such as sports meetings and art performances.

2. The library of the company is awarded as the National Demonstrative Employee Library with more than 40,000 books for our employees.

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